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Is the heat finally catching on to you? I've been wearing my hair up since last week and I love the breeze of air that slightly passes through the back of my neck. On most days, a lazy bun is my quick go-to but sometimes I want to spruce things up by adding an accessorize. Below are some inspirations (via Join the Mood) to dress your simple hair bun.

1. Scarf

I dedicated a card on how to wear headscarf and you've seen this styling method there. It's a personal favorite because it takes very little effort to put it together and it looks great!

2. Hairband

When I started watching Gossip Girl I couldn't stop admiring Blair's hairband collection. It made me fell in love with her character. If you're looking for something cute and easy to dress your bun a hairband is your best bet for looking cute (without even trying).

3. Handkerchief

You're probably thinking no one wears handkerchief anymore but let me tell you one secret. It's a great wardrobe accessory and you can find it dirt cheap at any thrift store. It's a similar concept with the headscarf but much lighter!

4. Hair Clip

Want to disguise your age? Add a cute hair clip on your bun and look 5 years younger. Cotton fabric is generally more casual. If you want something more fancy or grown-up go for embellish details.

5. Hair Clip

Ever seen a hair clip made of 'real hair' or 'synthetic hair'? If you can't make a bow with your hair put on a fake one. :)

6. Shoelaces

Don't let your adorable shoelaces lay around in your room. Tie it on your hair and you got yourself a cute shoelaces bow bun. I used to do this all the time in high school.
I hope all of you find this inspiring. Let me know how you style your bun!
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I love the shoe laces idea! How cute (and cheap!)
The shoe lace hair accessory is a new one!