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We have a first peek at the teen drama Who Are You—School 2015.
Somehow, I don’t feel it will see the kind of popularity School 2013 did and shoot the careers of its male leads into overnight stardom. I could be wrong, of course. It does shape up Kim So Hyun‘s future as a leading lady. She’s a promising, good actress, who’ll be bagging headline roles going forward. I also love that Lee Pil Mo is in this. (Yay, his hair is back to normal!) I am worried, though, that he’s being typecast as a mentor.
Who Are You—School 2015 will premiere on April 27th on KBS2.
I am excited I really wanted a sequel of my top favorite Korean drama well the story of school 2013 was really superb it was different then any school shows it had not to mention the amazing cast I will be watching this one without comparing it to the school 2013 bcs it seems different but I am gonna have to say the story and plot is not as quite interesting but we will have 2 wait and c fighting to the whole team :)
I am exciting