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This. Is. Terrifying. I can't begin to put into words the severity of the situations that the recent earthquake and aftershocks in Nepal have caused. But for more than 1,000 climbers at Base Camp at Mt. Everest, the earthquake was scary in a different way, because it caused an avalanche.
This is an intense POV video of one such avalanche. This was the southern base camp, so it would be 5,380 m (17,700 ft) if I understand correctly. At least 22 climbers have been confirmed dead at this point, and that number may still rise.
The intense power not only of the earth quake, but then of the resulting avalanche just serves to remind me just how crazy powerful nature is, and how much we really take that for granted every day...just what the hell would you even do in this situation!? I almost worry that I'd panic and simply stand there, instead of looking for shelter like this guy.
It's never been in my plans to climb Everest, but this has pretty much permanently settled that I won't be going there to hang out or to climb anytime soon.
My condolences to everywhere. Really scary thing.
Its amazing that because of the overcast skies they can't even see or hear the avalanche coming. They're distracted (for good reason) by the earthquake.
This is SO SO scary :( :( I hope the best for those there...
@Spudsy2061 Yeah he was kind of freaking out. I would have also been very afraid. I also heard the one man say let's go to the kitchen tent...only to then say "the kitchen tent is gone".
I heard a lot of swears... Still this is scary. I would have dove into that tent from second 1 and just prayed like mad. Really sad to hear about the other climbers.