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Concepts are not the same as designs. Take a look at the photo.
Looks great, right? Well, yes, from a concept point of view. A rough granite table covered in greens from the base to the sides of the tabletop, it's a great idea. The tablescape features three shallow square trays of succulents--each filled with a what appears an 8" x 8" x 24" tall green covered tower festooned with yellow orchids. Chiavari chairs on one side of the table and a rustic bench on the other.
Conceptually, this looks like a million bucks. Careful dear...a concept is one thing. Remember what I always tell you: Don't block the line of sight!
If the towers are eight inches wide, multiply that by three pillars and you've got 24 inches of blocked line of sight. If the table is four feet wide, you've got half the table blocked! Why would you do that?! You wouldn't. Let this be a the concepts you come across, but get them designed in such a way to keep the line of sight wide open.
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@daniachicago I think that you're on to something. It's tough to make well-rounded points with just one picture. It seems a little lifeless--even with the green and orchids. I've seen better.
Not a fan of the overall design. But like you said, the important part is to not have bulky things that block on the table.
I think this just needs more flowers. then It would be better
As soon as I saw the cover to this card I already knew the problem you were going to point out. LOL Now that i've read your cards about this sort of thing, I won't be making this kind of mistake ever.