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Jared Leto does not play 'normal' roles, ever. He's played everything from an HIV-positive transgender woman to a crazed-fan who killed John Lennon.
He has not only gained weight for a role, but also dropped 30+ pounds, shaved off his eyebrows, and waxed all of his body hair.
The left photo is Leto after a month of starving himself (eating only cherry tomatoes for 30 days) in order to play the role of Rayon, a transgender woman in the Dallas Buyers Club. On the right is Leto five months earlier with chiseled abs.
He removed all of his body hair (including waxing his armpits and eyebrows) for the role and underwent hours of hair and makeup each day.
Comparing his weight loss to his weight gain, check out his body in Chapter 27 where he plays Mark David Chapman, the man who murdered John Lennon. Leto gained 70 pounds for the role!
And now he is taking on another extreme transformation for Suicide Squad, set to release in 2016. He will play the Joker and it looks like he's throwing himself into yet another incredible character!
Doesn't even look like the same man. How he is able to change things up is talent.
@ArianaVenti SAME! I couldn't even focus on the storyline because I was too busy looking at his SPINE.
Now if only I had the ability to change my body that quickly for summer (I mean his abs, not his starvation!)
I can't imagine not eating for 30 days for my JOB!
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