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I have a interesting to VR(Virtual Reality) andAR(augmented Reality) in these days. so I made a desicion as personal project.As some people told that these new-era soon will come to us.I totally agreed that. so I'd like to illustration also should recognize about these new flow. This story of illustration is blind date. I guess many people have use a VR and AR in early future.They can see a their ideal type via VR. and conversation with AR.
This story of illustration is Couple on the bed.I guess that when couple on the bed, they can feeling orgasm via an appetite.
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@orenshani7 Oh really? it still has many problems.. okay. Thank you for comment!
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@sakiroo , I still think it may be interesting for you to try it out. Go to , see if you can give it a go.
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@orenshani7 Thank you!
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Are there many people that spend a lot of time on ARs these days...?
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@fallingwater Well.. it's not. at least in Korea. how about your country?
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