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Truly reccomend! Thiis whole set was only $12 at Target! I happen to have an oily face & have tried the following products... -NEUTROGEN- dried my face so much i started peeling!! -ASEPXIA- DIDN'T HELP! -NATURAL SOAPS- only made my face more oily! & last but not least Practiv! Honestly proactiv worked but too pricy and i have found this Clean & Clear set to make the same improvements as proactiv since it does have same steps! Really reccomend ! I even bought this for my 15 year cousin who had many breakouts, since he is hitting puberty, really recommend for both genders ! I also switched from liquid foundations to powder minerals and has helped so much! Hope this can be helpful to you all!
@stargaze yes, I use it as a make up remover. So I'll rub it all over my face and then wash it off with warm water and some organic soap. and after I dry it off I'll put like two or three drops as a moisturizer. sometimes it feels too oily so I'll leave the oil on for 15 min and then wipe it off with a wet paper towel. Make up your own routine, every one is different. but I like coconut oil because i don't have to buy make up remover or moisturizer anymore.
@zellie15 How does it work? Just rub coconut oil on the face and wash it off? Thanks :)
@stephosorio Really? Thanks for sharing!! :)
@jimberlykemp my cousin had huge zits. like the ones with white puss on his cheeks and this dried em out
everyone's skin is different. Just because one product worked on one person doesn't mean it's going to work on anothers. The one tip y'all may want to try is coconut oil. It has worked wonders on my ex - super oily skin. ever since I started washing my face with coconut oil it's has gotten more even, less breakouts, and most definitely less oily. Maybe I'll post a card about my experience! 😊
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