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It's been a while since I wrote a card on nail inspiration. I was inspired by my collection of bold statement necklaces. One of them lost their original necklace chain but I don't want to throw away the pendants. I was thinking about what to do with them and came up with the bejeweled nail idea. The nail design shown below are not actually made with necklace pendants because they're done by professional Japanese nail specialists. However, I do suggest using the loose items (crystals, studs, jewels) around your home to make the most of it. Look below for inspirations! Images from

Neon and Bold

This one definitely reminds me of the necklaces I find at Forever21. The colors are amazing and the bright neon colors give you the summer vibe.

Pretty in Nude

Sometimes jeweled nails can be overwhelming but this design seems to balance it pretty well. The tiny crystals and individual studs looks elegant layered on a pinkish nude base.

Daisy Crystal

Here's another take of Marc Jacob's Daisy inspired nails (@madeleine has a simple version). This one really reminds me of the perfume bottle because of the jewel and pattern design. In addition, you can play with two of the iconic colors (yellow and pink).
Try playing around with different patterns and see what you can come up with! Have fun!
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These nails are really beautiful. They remind me of jewelry. The detail is perfection.