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I had an unfortunate accident while riding perhaps a month ago. In the picture the threads are grinded off due to a wheel falling off while ridding. I do a buld, nut, and screw check every time i ride to make sure stiff like this doesnt happen. I guess the main point im trying to get to is i am looking for a decent inexpensive set of trucks and i dont know where else to go. I did go to ScrewMez(Zumies) to talk to their "expert". That was a waste of time. So if anyone has an sugestions. I would love the input. Thanks you for reading this rediculously long cry for help. Lol!
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You most likely lost that nut, due to the plastic ring inside the nut being worn out, it's there to keep it tight. In all reality you can save those trucks, the threads don't look too bad, and could be rethreaded with a kit. just get a new axle nut and your good.
Calibers are awesome. I got a set and love em.
what kind of riding you doing and waddaya mean by cheap? cheap and just gonna cruise and be Ok or cheap and down hill which sounds like disaster waiting to happen! You can get a set of Caliber trucks for 60 or under and they are great. You can get Paris and or Randal trucks cheaper than that though and those are good trucks too. Just depends on what your doing or putting them on.
what he said lol