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The hardest part about deciding to get a tattoo for me is deciding what style & image I want, but I guess that's probably how it is for everyone. I have an idea what I want to represent, and what message I want to remind myself of every single day, but finding a way to represent that in a tattoo is hard!
And so, I spend too much time looking at tattoo artists' Instagrams, admiring their styles, and gathering ideas!!
Today I found Martynas Šnioka, a tattoo artist in Lithuania that makes stunning designs. Overall, he uses some thicker lines, but he works well in really small details as well that make some cool fade effects. Check out some of his work below, and see more on his Instagram!
@redridergirl No problem! I really loved finding them myself, haha.
Wow! What excellent artistic ability! I love these! Thanks for sharing!