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It appears that EXO’s Chanyeol has been bullied on Twitter. These haters even created rude hashtags that express their wish for this EXO member to just drop dead.
By using fake accounts, these haters sent various death threats to the idol with various hashtags, like #EXOLWantsChanyeolDead, the accounts even spread various accusations and negative comments about Chanyeol.
This started after an international forum posted about Chanyeol’s jokes on two EXO members, Suho and Kai, which some considered were too much. He was seen inappropriate to joke about Kai’s skin color, and also about the leader’s lack of popularity in the public.
Some fans have defended him against the bullying. “Who are you to ask Chanyeol to die? it’s not like you were the one insulted by him,” and “#EXOLLovesChanyeol Chanyeol might have said something offensive but you can’t tell him to go die,” they commented.-
Wow people can be sooo cruel, but Chanyeol was wrong for saying what he said. There's things you just don't do or say. Kai and Chanyeol are my biases so it sucks that he would say that. but don't wish death on people it's just not right. what's wrong with the world ughhh! :/ #EXOFighting
@deemonster100 @nielswife @StephanieDuong @Allyphernelia @adikiller I agree with you. I think Chanyeol is just being he is, and I think Kai and Suho takes those said by Chanyeol as a joke because they knew that Chanyeol was really that. Maybe Chanyeol has really hurt Kai and Suho, but people can't wish him to go and just die. It
What is wrong with these people..
@deemonster100 @nielswife @StephanieDuong @Allyphernelia @adikiller (continuation) is just too cruel. People are just making these things because they are haters, why don't they just love the person and be a fan of him, instead of wishing someone to go and die. tsk. I rally can't understand this people.
Wow some people take things way too far.
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