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I envy the strength and hold from the grasp of a lover.. Im envious how weak I become as I succumb to the grasp of a lover.. I envision enjoying the company of the mind, body and soul and the grasp of a lover.. An environment I long to be part of continues belonging to grasp of a lover.. Anticipated enhancements of trust commitment stability and faith are in the grasp of a lover.. So all of a sudden out of nowhere comes a replacement.. Someone who avoids leaving me w the feeling of abandonment.. Swinging hips from a different walk of life and an acceptable enticement.. Her beauty, her brains, how her class has its own way apart from anyone else.. Her lips, her hips, how her ass has its own shake apart from anyone else.. Her personality, her stride, how her sass has its own charisma apart from anyone else.. Her commitment, her attention, how her passion of intimacy sets her apart from anyone else.. Making it last.. a possible future, present, and lessons learned from moving to fast.. in contrast I'm moving on.. an leaving it all in past..
It's possible to move on and keep growing and keep moving in all areas of life, which is something I've known for some time--but you expressed this idea again beautifully.
Hey!! Welcome back :) Nice to see your writing again @dukes1
Thank you kindly @ChristinaBryce..
Seems like you're ready to (or have found?) someone you're into for all sorts of reasons....good luck!!