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A pickup driver and a camaro get into a road rage fight. The pickup driver was in the left lane, going a bit slow, while passing an 18 wheeler. The camaro tried to pass the pickup driver in an unsafe way, between what little space was left between the tractor trailer and the pickup truck.
The pickup driver did not allow the camaro driver to pass in such an unsafe way. If he had then the accident may have been avoided. Instead, the pickup driver was angered by this maneuver and retaliated in a way. The pickup driver stayed in the left lane but kept the same pace as the tractor trailer, keeping the camaro blocked behind him.
The camaro driver, obviously infuriated that he cannot pass the pickup, drives into the median in order to pass. Someone must have never told him you can't get grip on the green stuff. As he begins to lose traction the camaro slides right into the pickup, which then collides with the tractor trailer.
@chowder This is so true! My mom always taught me to never drive angry. It never ends well!
This is what happens when you drive angry.
What an idiot.