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Electronic DJ and animal rights activist Moby has announced plans to open a brand new vegan cafe in Los Angeles' trendy Silverlake neighborhood later this year. Named "Little Pine", the cafe will offer a special menu of delicious and cruelty-free bistro fare created by the joined forces of both Moby and celebrity chef Anne Thornton, host of the Food Network's Dessert First. The cafe will also offer a small store where patrons can buy anything from basic cookware and environmentally-conscious household goods to vegan cookbooks.
This isn't Moby's first eatery, as vegan foodies might also be aware of TeaNY, his first vegan cafe in NYC's Lower East Side. The LA location is bound to be as successful, especially with the popularity of vegan and vegetarian diets here on the west coast!
Also, did you guys know that Moby's been vegan for 20 YEARS?! Check him out in the video below to see him not only talk about his lifelong commitment to animal rights, but teach you how to make some pretty delicious vegan pancakes!

So what do you guys think? Will YOU be checking out Moby's restaurants anytime soon?

Moby's so great, I'm adding this to my summer CA trip list!
Moby should get his own cooking show. He's pretty funny.
@ArianaVenti Have fun! There's a LOT of delicious places to eat in LA! :)