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Dear @aabxo, @adikiller, @christy, and @PassTheSuga, I am so sorry that I'm so late on responding to the Gross Bias challenge! I was visiting family in Mexico last week, so I was a little too far away from my computer. However, this challenge seems hilarious, and I am ready to fully embarrass myself now over my love for Seungri from BIGBANG.
NOTE: I don't know if I've ever told any of you this, but I'm 29 years old. I am officially in 'noona territory' for pretty much every boyband that isn't Shinhwa or Superjunior, so when I say I love Seungri, you can be rest assured that it's NOT LIKE THAT. D:



1. My name is Dani and my username is danidee.

2. My ultimate K-Pop bias is Seungri from BIGBANG!

3. If Seungri spat gum on the ground, I would probably NOT pick it up and eat it. First, because germs are gross. And second, because Seungri is gross for spitting gum on the ground. (Learn some manners, panda.)

4. I like Seungri because he is so different from the typical K-Pop idol. It's almost like he shouldn't be an idol at all! He sort of reminds me of the weird and troublemaking younger brother I never had. He always says the wrong thing during interviews, and he always gets himself in the news for doing something stupid - like the time he bought himself a Porsche only to crash it with reckless driving a couple months later. (Be careful, Seungri!) He also has a really silly personality where he always wants to be center of attention and wants people to think he's the funniest, most handsome, and all-around best, even when he's actually sort of immature and doesn't really have GD levels of swag. (I also appreciate how many languages he's tried to learn for the sake of winning over as many international fans as possible!)


5. My favorite Seungri physical feature is the dark circles he has around his eyes. I remember one time he said in an interview that everyone in school used to tease him and call him 'Dark Circle' when he was growing up. He also used to go to the dermatologist to try to correct them, but I'm glad that he's managed to make what he used to consider a 'flaw' something that fans really remember him by. Everyone always gives him stuffed panda dolls!

6. Seungri's best personality trait is his resilience. He has had so many scandals and constantly been made fun of by his group members, anti-fans, and even other idols, but he's never let that stop him from continuing his career. While it might not be awesome that he seems to constantly get himself into trouble, it's nice to see that he doesn't let the lower points of life destroy him.


7. My favorite Seungri ship would probably be, uh... Seungri and food. Seungri had his own Japanese cooking show and his cooking magazine articles in the Japanese equivalent of TV Guide. I remember that I didn't even know what tteokgalbi was or that his hometown of Gwangju was famous for it until Seungri made it on his cooking show. (I've actually tried it since then, and it was so good!)

8. This question asks me to describe what date I would take my bias on, but I probably would never take Seungri on a date. I love Seungri, but yeah, it's not like that. HOWEVER, I think if Seungri wanted to just hang out with me in my hometown, I would take him out for Mexican food. I think he's enough of a foodie to appreciate a California burrito.


9. Out of all of BIGBANG's songs, I think the Japanese singles are the songs that suit Seungri the best, but "Koe Wo Kikasete" is probably my favorite. He always gets much bigger parts in these songs because he is the most fluent in Japanese, and he seems to have a genuine interest in the country's culture and society. (He's the BIGBANG member that's promoted in Japan the most!)

10. If I had to serenade Seungri with any song (btw lol at this question), it would probably be the chorus to "Candy" by H.O.T because it was my first K-Pop song, and it's such a dorky and fun song that he'd probably sing along with me. We'd rock out to H.O.T together. While eating our California burritos, of course.

11. If I had to say anything to Seungri, I would probably tell him to take it easy. I feel like all of the BIGBANG guys are super workaholic types, and as a workaholic myself, I know how hard it is to just stop and give yourself the rest and relaxation you need. Seungri was in the hospital for about a month at the end of last year, and the idea of going straight from that into comeback promotions and a huge world tour taps into my deeply buried maternal instinct. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!


12. I love you, Seungri. Please don't eat worms. (Unless they're gummy worms. Especially the sour ones. Those are my favorite.)


@StephanieDuong @MattK95 @PassTheSuga @jiggzy19 @christy @aabxo @adikiller THANK YOU GUUUUYS. I'm glad you liked this card. Even though my knowledge of Seungri stuff is probably the dorkiest part of my life hahahaha.
@MattK95 HAHA Did you go back and watch it?! "Wassup BRO? Hey BRO? You want SNACK? You like SNACK?"
I love Seungri!! Awesome job! :D
Seungri!!! He is so awesome and funny, just like this card :)
That video of him with Flo Rida was hilarious XD
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