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This is an interesting solution to people parking in bike lanes...just have their car towed.
The user's post stated the following:
"This happened to me today.I use the TowIt app to tag cars that park in the bike lanes while I go to and from work during rush hour. I used to get all stressed and yell at drivers for it but I realized that it was not not productive and potentially dangerous so I switched to just snapping a pic of the car with the app so it uploads it to the google map that tracks all the cars that park illegally.
This way I proxy my road rage into an act that does not require me to interact with the person, and may in time result in the police utilizing the data collected to improve parking enforcement.
Before I switched to video capture she called me a homophobic slur a couple of times, cracker, and at the end she threatens to run me over."
Interesting way to show your hate for drivers parking in the bike lane. Super effective too!
I think im going to download this app lol
@TeamWaffles Definitely!
this is a direct effect of modern feminism. she needs to check her privilege and stay out of our lanes. love that these situations can be handled this way.