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A long, long time ago - or, you know, earlier this month when he was a guest on 'The Ellen Show' - Justin Bieber made a point of letting viewers know that he was turning a new leaf after years of doing things he 'wasn't exactly proud of'. Apparently, that only lasted to the end of that sentence, as it seems that the Biebs is at it again - crashing Chatsworth Charter High School’s senior prom last Saturday.
While this was clearly awesome for the students (Who doesn't want a famous celebrity to crash their senior prom?!), apparently the unannounced Bieber shoved his way into the party despite administration's insistence that he wasn't allowed in!
According to a school district rep, "His entourage pushed past the school's security to gain access to the dance floor" and administrators were worried they wouldn't be able to control the crowd!
However, according to sources, no one was hurt during Justin's surprise visit to Chatsworth Charter High School, and the Biebs won't be sitting in after-school detention any time soon.
And now I've got to ask:

What would YOU do if Justin Bieber crashed your school dance?

(Personally, I'd head to the DJ booth to request a Selena Gomez song. #SWERVE!!)

@drwhat Honestly, I dont think so hahah He seems so bored lately. He's just been hanging out with friends and making Vines. Poor guy lol
Middle school me would have been psyched, high school and current me is just annoyed.
I would kick him out.
How did he go from a nobody and eager to make music to constantly rubbing people the wrong way? I feel bad that he's turning into a male version of lindsey lohan--hard to take serious anymore. And she has talent! I think he does too, but their talents get overshadowed. shame.
Maybe a friend was there? Or a friend of a friend? Idk i'm trying to explain it for him lol
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