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So tired of people hating on Chanyeol it's really annoying he doesn't deserve to die bc people want him too and he just made a joke Kai and Suho are his family they know he's joking people just need to stay out of it and stop telling my happy virus to die he doesn't need this guys uggggh!!!!!!!!!!!
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@sherryshar Right! We'll support and back you up Chanyeol! Fighting!!!! I can also relate to Chanyeol because I am quite like that, but those are just jokes. Even when I say something like those said by Channiie, I don't mean those as insults
I agree! Why are people trying to turn a joke he said into something so big?! We all still love you Chanyeol!! Don't give up and be strong!! FIGHTING!
@harmonics I am like that as well but its all laugh nd fun nd I really mean it as a joke not as an insult to anyone at all. did i just say chanyeol hahas :D i wish i can talk to him lol but i know very well he is cool abt it thats just how he is :) <3
@sherrysahar Yeah, I know he'll just be cool about it. He knows that it was just a joke and not an insult and I'm sure the members know it also.
Sometimes feel fans in korea over reacting. yeah for me when I found one of my idols or actors I'm a relationship feel angry or comment that so bad but not in their fan club page that just for fun. but to wish the others die. that's too much like they own them