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5 Things you should do before you choose a major.

As a young adult there are plenty of things you think are cool that you later realize aren't as cool as you originally thought they might be, like your first boyfriend or that tattoo that says his name that is still on your boob.
1. Talk to an advisor thoroughly after you have studied the whole program you think you want to complete. Ask lots of questions, even if you think they sound stupid.
I thought I had it figured out and the rest I could wing, which was mostly true but not without wasting my own time and money. I didn't realize that because I decided I wanted to sleep in an extra hour on Tuesdays, I would now be graduated a year late because the classes I had left were only offered in either spring or fall - and not both, which I had assumed. Never assume.
2. Walk around the building where most of your major classes will be, check out the things on the walls. If you're not a huge introvert stop a student and ask about class and what they are majoring in. Find out more about those that could be your potential colleagues and see if the events or projects hanging are something you could see yourself doing.
This is something I wish I would have done but I was much too shy starting college. Asking real students in real time how things are going and asking their opinions on classes and the value of what they are learning is something that could help shape an opinion before you begin to register for something you later want to drop.
3. While you're walking around, grab a professor ask about what he teaches, why he teaches it and what he thinks of the other professors in his department.
Insight into why a professor is there, and what type of passion they have to teach you will effect your performance and later, your career. Also you are paying thousands for this education. Make sure not only the school but the program and professors are to your standards. Nothing is worse than paying 2 grand for a class with a professor that just lectures, doesn't engage you and ends class early to go home and watch live episodes of some lame reality show.
4. Research what people with your degree wind up doing and what their typical salaries are and what - if any, other requirements are needed.
This is something I suspect you may have already done but needless to say I wish I would have done more research about salaries and how popular the jobs I wanted were. I don't think I was even sure exactly what position I would actually be suited for. I just figured I'd fit in there somewhere. My degree never MADE me do an internship, and with two part-time jobs I opted to skip it, which is one of my biggest regrets/mistakes I made in college.
5. Contact a professional. Get in contact with someone who is already doing the job you
Find someone and reach out. Find out how they did it and how they like it. Learn from other's motivation and mistakes and decide if it sounds like what you want to pursue. Also, it never hurts to network, the person you contact could be the person that later gets you in the door, if you keep up the relationship.
@melifluosmelodi this might help your <3
This is so helpful! Thank you☺
haha, thanks @nicolejb
I may have heard them but I never realized the validity of them until I experienced it all and am here rehashing what I wish I would have done, haha.
These things are all so true, but they're also things that I totally heard before I started college.....and still didn't do! It worked out OK for me, but I feel like no one really made me realize that SERIOUSLY THESE THINGS WILL HELP!
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