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I'm a pretty active person, but deep down, there is nothing I love more than vegg-ing out on my couch. So how can I get inspired to get back in shape for summer? Here are eight simple steps that anyone at any fitness level can do!
Step 1: Get off the couch
Step away from the Netflix and put on some workout clothes
Step 2: Blast your music
Make a high-energy playlist to inspire you to get moving!
Step 3: Go outside for a quick jog
Or a quick walk-jog, or even just a walk! Just get outside for 30 minutes and have fun!
Step 4: Do a at-home workout
There are plenty of at-home workouts you can try from Pilates to yoga, cross-fit to dancing!
Step 5: Pay attention to skin care
Treat yourself to a face mask and be sure to invest in some serious sun block!
Step 6: Drink lots of water
Get a water bottle and keep it with you at all times, making sure its full all day.
Step 7: Keep a healthy diet
Step 8: Be confident!
Love your body no matter what size or shape it is, and have a wonderful summer :)
I'm loving the detox tips @MarleneVarona!
I am lazy girl numero uno. Dragging myself out for a jog is going to be hard, but I really do love home workouts :)
Cool This would be my next step
I can do steps one and two no problem ;)
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