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Q: "I need an love advice. i have know idea what to do. ive been talking to this guys for 3 years and been in a realtionship with him for 2 years. after we broke up he still texts me saying hi or hanging out. like i told him what are we and he said he dont know. but he told me he not dating nor seeing anyone does he still want to get with me should i talk to him or what should i do?"
A: What do you guys think? Keep talking to him, or tell him to get in line!!! Leave your advice in the comments!
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Yes dukes1 Men are the reason for a lot of women's grief and pain.
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Not trying to offend anyone or hurt their feelings but I speak from Years of experience.
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@Heartofgold35 I don't doubt that at all.. both men and women have there ways of grief and pain..
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I'm not going to reveal my age, but I've seen boys...guys...and men. There IS a difference between them all. Not saying any one of them are perfect, because we know men ARE not perfect! But neither are women, which is what @dukes1 is probably saying (i think). But MY advice is that you do what YOU think you need to do. I think we mostly ask questions that we already know the answer to. And...I think that most of the time we know that we know the answer; we basically ask questions to get confirmation from others (and outside perspective). As painful as it is to be caught up and get hearts broken, sometimes, the only way to learn the stove is hot it to willingly put your hand to the flame. advice stands: just do what you think to be right and need to do.
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a 2-3 years relationship may for some, say much on d depth of both party. if you relate each other with just talking 2 each other, would not have much 2 go on. then both decided 2 break up an amicable break based on your point. later both decided 2 keep in touch wit one another. so, r u waver where tis lead 2? is there any reservation or restriction shd u wish 2 resume dat relationship?
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