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Artist Christine Sun Kim has been deaf since birth, and as a result has been exploring what sound actually is. She approaches it as a physical thing that someone can own, manipulate, and transform.
"I constantly questioned the ownership of sound," artist Christine Sun Kim signs in a short film made by photographer and filmmaker Todd Selby. "Now I'm reclaiming sound as my property."
I have included a beautifully directed short film that shows us a slice from Kim's life. In it, she makes "seismic calligraphy" drawings, arranges nails to palpitate across a canvas to a subwoofer's vibrations, and plays with the feedback of neighborhood noises, helium ballons, and the whoosh of her own breath.
Kim's work hopes to make us take a step back for a moment, and for us to dissect and review the ways in which we handle sound.
"There are social norms surrounding sound that form our speech development and our way of handling sound with care," Kim notes in an interview with NOWNESS. "They're so deeply ingrained that, in a sense, our identities cannot be complete without sound."
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Her way of talking about sound "rules" is really interesting, like being quiet or not burping. I guess I never thought of it as a restriction of sound but thats exactly what it is!