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A new treat to go along with the S'mores Frap, I take it?
I'm a little confused by Starbucks sales tactics here. They're going to start selling these cookie straws, which are basically those tall cylindrical wafers with chocolate lining on the inside that you can get at the supermarket (I think they're called Pirouettes?). I can only assume that the "straw" will be a little wider than a typical wafer so that you can actually drink through it, but I haven't seen one for myself yet!
You can get one starting today for just $0.95, or they'll come with frap orders for free while supplies last as sort of a taste tester. But I guess you can drink pretty much any drink you want with it, since you can just buy the straw separately.
Can't help but think I could just buy a tin of Pirouettes and keep it in my car for when I want this much sugar in one beverage!
Alternatively, I could continue drinking through Tim-Tams, and everything would be more delicious. Check out the Tim Tam Slam (I picked Natalie Imbruglia's instructions because why not have her teach us how to do this?)
@hikaymm He's great really. He's so quick to the joke too. @fallingwater @smonia Who's up for starting a fund to import these to the US and then try it?
@Spudsy2061 He cracks me up XD
@Spudsy2061 I think you can find them at some super markets in the US!!!! I have seen them before!!! :D
LOL Natalie teaching us how to tim tam slam now I must try it.
Ok, these look DELICIOUS. I'm in.
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