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Because why don't guys get asked about their make up removal and what they're planning on wearing on the red carpet?
Let me remind you of one of the first press conferences for The Avengers when Scarlett rightfully snapped at a reporter:
Reporter: “I have a question to Robert and to Scarlett. Firstly to Robert, throughout Iron Man 1 and 2, Tony Stark started off as a very egotistical character but learns how to fight as a team. And so how did you approach this role, bearing in mind that kind of maturity as a human being when it comes to the Tony Stark character, and did you learn anything throughout the three movies that you made? And to Scarlett, to get into shape for Black Widow did you have anything special to do in terms of the diet, like did you have to eat any specific food, or that sort of thing?"
Scarlett: “How come you get the really interesting existential question, and I get the like, “rabbit food” question?”

Watch the video below to find out everything you didnt want to know about the Hulk!

Mark Ruffalo is such a champ in this interview. This was great.
This was just as magical as I expected. Mark Ruffalo is such a good sport.
I keep waiting for another Avengers interview to pop up with another scandalous moment. Nice to see the reporter switch things up a bit.
Mark Ruffalo is one of my favorite male actors not because of his acting but for things like this. He just seems like a genuinely good guy.
Awesome to see a reporter willing to change things up and address this a bit more directly.
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