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The sports network has sued Verizon saying that the cable company's new "slim" packages for consumers that give them a small bundle of channels rather than forcing them to get a huge package that includes big stations like ESPN is breaking their agreements. While the details of their deal weren't given, 21st Century Fox and NBC Universal also said that Verizon is violating their agreements.
So what are these agreements? From what I gather, they force us TV watches (who don't even like football or other sports) to get the stations dedicated to sports like ESPN even if we'd rather go light and not have those channels. So Verizon is trying to offer that, but this breaches their contract.
So while Verizon is wrong, I want them to be right. Why should we have to pay for huge bundles if we're not going to watch those channels?
This is why more and more people are cutting cable and getting HBO, Amazon Prime and Netflix to replace their normal cable subscription. This gives them pretty much all shows they want anyways, and I think I might not be far from trying this myself.
If a la carte cable becomes possible (as in, choose only the channels you want to watch), I think TV will completely change, because all those channels we currently pay for and don't watch is providing overhead for the shows that those channels produce. Whether or not this change would be for better or worse is still undecided in my books.
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@spudsy2061 I really like Korean programs especially Running man on YouTube. it is really funny. The Korean shows just seem to have different plotlines. I enjoy learning about other cultures as well. U.S. T.V. has just seemed to be all reality shows that are far from realistic.
@spudsy2061 I agree with you. I just got tired of paying the huge bills and watching reruns all the time. I am more into international film though.
Well, a contract is a contract. They need to either honor it or enter into a contract addendum/amendment. With everyone streamlining content nowadays, the idea of cable providers may become obsolete. I don't even own a television, so I am not affected.
@JackieMurrayCab I'm kinda the same way. I hate US television but UK tele to me is ok. I just love sports though and even though I can stream them on my laptop recording in HD all the football and tennis and baseball and the like is just very nice.
@JackieMurrayCab And you know what? Cable packages and what not are going up and up in price because of that. That's not to make it sound like a bad thing, I think cables companies are going to downsize as streaming services become more mainstream, which can reduce costs and get rid of networks not really... entertaining? Maybe it's just me but I think the only time I watch channels like Oxygen are during the Olympics. TruTV and other stations like them I just cannot be bothered with. I think as less people buy cable those stations will get the axe. We seriously as a consumer just need to be able to pick our own stations though.
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