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No attempt will be made by me to get you to change your must-have wedding cake plans to something different. All that change and back and forth drama shall not be sponsored by me. However, I make no bones about it, this card is all about croquembouche. If you should decide to add this to the dessert table, then you are either on the right track or I have successfully cast my spell!
So, what the heck is a croquembouche? Firstly, it's a French phrase, croque-en-bouche, that is a uniquely French pastry dessert that is conical in shape and made up of dozens of sweet puff dough that is filled with cream and connected by sticky caramel.
Depending on the occasion, such as a wedding, it is quite common to decorate the sumptuous dessert with fresh florals, charms, and thread-like spun sugar. Also important is the pedestal on which the dessert is placed. Make it equally as luxurious as the dessert itself!
Fabulous dessert tables like this feature all the basics: wedding cake, croquembouche, French Macarons, and miniature strawberry shortcake. You can find a 5-star recipe here from Just A Pinch that will show you how to make it yourself. If you're not the least bit savvy in the kitchen, you could always fake it by using Costco puff pastries and covering in store-bought caramel sauce.
That second picture of the roses and cream balls on that silver platter is AMAZING
Wowww. I've never seen this at a wedding before, but I hope to soon! Just gorgeous, especially that second picture as @DaniaChicago said. I bet they taste good too!
I didn't even know what that word was. Never heard that before, but I have seen these types of desserts around the holidays
The way bakers spin caramel into such fine threads is remarkable.
I'm with you @daniaChicago. beautiful photos
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