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Romance. Glamour. Drama. If you don't know Claire Pettibone, you don't know wedding gowns. Don't think about what you want your dress to look like; think about what you want to project in the gown. Think about the vibe you want and then take that information with you when you look for, try on, and purchase your wedding dress.
Watch Pettibone's 2015 Gothic Angel Collection runway show and make some mental notes of what speaks to you. Look at the cut, the layering. Really think about what's important to you as you watch this stunning collection.
Typically I like to show a range of dresses from a collection. This time, however, I am only sharing several pics of one gown because there are too many dresses with too many pictures that are GAG-WORTHY! Not enough space or time to share ALL OF THEM.
Take a look at the gowns directly from Claire Pettibone website here.
Special thanks to @beywatch for inspiring me to write this card. She posted a celebrity wedding update on Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder, which you can read here.
Oh wow. This lace gown. What a stunner. I am in love with this. <3 <3 <3
i have mixed feelings about Claire's dresses.
Great fashion show. Beautiful designs.
I'd wear this as my permanent nightgown. Gorgeous.