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So for everyone wondering, Bruce Jenner, in an animated gesture, told Diane Sawyer, "I'm not gay..." The most anticipated ABC interviews (in years) was broadcast on April 24th. Probably the most visceral reaction from Diane Sawyer was the complication over Jenner's transgender journey and his remaining heterosexual. Presumably, the next question was whether or not Jenner was a lesbian. And he basically shut that down and a series of other statement-questions that he's just trying to live the life he has.
In other news, Jenner isn't a fan of Obama (in general) and he classifies his political affiliation as Republican--not Democrat as presumed. That revelation also caused Sawyer to stumble. I guess, your sexual identity and sexual orientation are all tied to politics (or the other way around) in her world. I guess this means that humans are more complex than previously thought. Geez, ya think?
And for those wondering about closet Satanist, Kris Jenner, her lies about ABC not asking for a statement from her were broadcast as she had alluded to being kept in the dark and ignored by the media. Um...is she for real?!
I love that these conversations are happening so publicly. I mean, he doesn't HAVE to be making this kind of announcement to the world, but for many people, this is the first time they may have come across a transgendered person, and I think Bruce has been doing a wonderful job explaining the emotions involved and show the diversity of transgendered people.
I just wish Kris would quit with the monetized interviews and just speak.
I think my reaction to Bruce's change would be more clear-headed if he wasn't so involved with the Kardashians. They are such a turn off.