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can't get enough of this scene... he's so cute holding that age old yellow umbrella of lee su yeon with that green message tag... finally he was able to confirm that she's really the lee su yeon that he's been searching and waiting for 14 years.. and what are they doing underneath that umbrella? lol.. harry saw it... i wonder what will happen tonight on the next ep.. but the preview of the next ep is so disturbing.. han jung woo was told the the prime suspect for killing they guy who raped her was lee su yeon herself..
@nylamrehs Me too! I can't wait to see what happens. The wait for this drama was definitely worth it.
@yinofyang.. you're right.. i was just saying in one of the cards, i forgot who's card it was, that this drama will probably replaced my fave drama of all time, before my all time fave was coffee prince then secret garden came and now this drama, i miss you.. and it didn't even reached the first half of the drama.. so excited for tomorrow!! 9th ep.. =)
After watching episodes 7 and 8, I find myself even more invested in the drama. The interactions between the different characters is what really gives the show power.
yeah, that one too
shin woo.. you forgot him... he was so pitiable!
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