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Rob Dyrdek's Proposal
Professional skate boarder, entrepreneur, et cetera, Rob Dyrdek, proposed to Playboy model, Bryiana Noelle at Disneyland's "Aladdin Show" in Anaheim on April 26th. While the show was underway, Dyrdek kept his nerves and snuck out to "use the bathroom." Of course, in keeping with the outrageous antics of the MTV star, he decided to board a live elephant for the show's finale. Moments later, and with the help of Genie, Dyrdek got down on one knee and held out a ring to an ecstatic Noelle.
Take a look at that sparkler!
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She looks ecstatic! Her face says it all.
3 years ago·Reply
She's got such a pretty smile. Damn you, models.
3 years ago·Reply