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Avatar, the current record-holder for highest-grossing film of all time, with $2.7 Billion worldwide, Paul Walker's last film of his career has garnered the fifth spot on the list with $1.3 Billions Gross. What makes this all the more staggering is that the film has only been in the box office for four weeks.
Let's just put this in perspective a smidge. While Furious 7 is less than half way to the financial success of Avatar, there are still 11 more weeks of box office play, as James Cameron's 'Pocahontas' rip-off played for 15 weeks. Even if the testosterone muscle-car flick doesn't best Avatar, can you imagine the shriek if it takes third--besting The Avengers?! We already know Harry Potter will be left in the dust as it's only ahead in fourth place by $20 Million. That's a bag of popcorn.