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I know a lot of people are hating on this because of Jimin's voice, but I personally like her voice and this song!! Plus J.Don absolutely smashed his verse out of the park, this song needs to be on my iPod and it needs to be there now XD what do you guys think? Full credit goes to the owners of this video :)
Loved just as much as you~ ;D
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@jiggzy19 I know :D
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She gets the M.I.P from Unpretty Rapstar. Lyrically.... she's still a lil meh for me but she owned this track. Her performance is always on point. Girl was looking flawless like damnnnn. But I agree J.Don tho....I see you, boy ◑▂◑
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omgee y they r hating jimin is the spark of this video definitely love this one and J.DON is soooo cooolllll :D
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@sherrysahar I know totally :)
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