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This is a great easy, cheap trail meal for those who want something delicious but can't afford to spend a lot.
- 1 vac packed cooked white chicken meat
- 1 enchilada seasoning packet
- 1 jalapeno Velveeta cheese sauce
- 2 oz of water
- 2- 8" flour tortillas
- 1 aluminum pan with a lid or piece of foil
You can see him making them from about 3:45, but if you want to enjoy the nature part of his hike as well just watch the whole seven minute video.
Easy and looks pretty tasty! I'll have to give this one a try.
@nokcha @fallingwater While I know it's not the healthiest of things, I'd probably just use it like @yakwithalan.
I don't know but the velveeta sounds good to me.
I was thinking the same thing @nokcha but I guess for a hiking trip fresh cheese isn't really an option. There might be some velveeta like alternatives, but ones that last long without refrigeration are uncommon I guess.
I wish there was a way around the velveeta, but the rest of this seems great!