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It's been a question before, and I've seen it come up on forums time and time again, but I just saw another person ask if they need to cook pasta before taking it out on a hike to use as a trail meal.
This might seem weird--after all, isn't pasta cooked in boiling water at home? But, on the trail, you typically aren't boiling something for 10 minutes in a big pot, but just adding enough water to rehydrate and warm the food.
So why doesn't this work for pasta? Well, that's not really clear, but there's also a chance that because pasta is "raw" (it has eggs in it, even if it does keep for months) it really needs boiled well to taste best and be totally safe.
But don't take my word for it. Watch the test this guy did above! Very cool stuff, and I know I'll be cooking and then dehydrating from now on for better tasting pasta!
this is a really good experiment! good to know!
Is anyone really gonna complain about slightly mushy or slightly crunchy pasta on the trail?
@yakwithalan @fallingwater Welcome! I never thought too too much about it either, but since people keep asking I went searching for the answer.
@fallingwater See, I love taking pasta but I have always dealt with it just being crunchy. Thanks @happyrock, now I don't have to.
I haven't ever taken pasta with me, just like minute rice or ramen noodles, but this is good to know!