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This is no fractured fairytale, though Swift's latest actions may have been taken--if not inspired--from the sacred pages of black-belt sorceress, Kris Jenner. Taytay has reportedly been purchasing pornographic sites with her name on it.
But the lucky-13 mogul's team has been quick to be clear about the intentions behind the domain name bonanza. Two things. One, there is no sex tape for mom to sell to Vivid Entertainment. Two, Swift isn't expanding her global empire to include gyrating bodies in sex acts on the internet.
Like other savvy celebs, the decision to collect the URLs comes as an aggressive method to prevent everyone from the unsavory paparazzi to even the most nefarious from using the sites as leverage to scam/bully/threaten/blackmail the 1989 "princess" from both losing face and losing a gazillion dollars.
I'm trying to imagine what the Swift empire is going to look like in the next decade...
hmmm..just dat our 'princess' stay true 2 herself. not carry away by over-creative people around her.
Taylor Swift is going to be the next great porn director.
I was really hoping that she didn't get into the porn business
At least she's not doing the porn
She seems to be in control of her own career.She doesn't seem to be pulled in any one direction by her handlers.