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Let me continue with more tips to enjoy this beautiful city...
5. Do not jam your schedule for every famous spots.
Yes, Firenze definitely attracts many tourists with very famous places you learned in your history classes. Yes, everything is in walking distance. You may probably schedule to stay here for two days, starting your tour at 7:00AM, walking all day from Cappell Medicee to Galleria dell'Accademia. It depends on your travel style, let me say, yet you will probably miss out what this little yet great city can offer.
Take an hour or two, at Paszkowski or Gilli with Capuccino in Piazza dell Repubbulica, or at Rivoire in Piazza dell Repubbulica in Piazza della Signoria with the famous chocolate drink. You are actually at the spot where Leonardo da Vinci was just a little boy taught by Andrea del Verrocchio. You can hear Michelangelo struggling with his tools for the scultptres for the Medicee. Or you can capture what these fabulous Fiorentinas today explore in their lives.
6. Take four meals a day.
Let's not worry about calories or carbohydrates for just couple of days. You do not want to miss this fantastic truffles, caviars, seafood, olive oil and everything. Whatever you put in your mouth in Firenze, it is worthwhile to put on some weights. Probably you won't, though, since everything tastes like a gift from the nature. Ask your hotel staff, or a belle signora at the local store for a local restaurant. They will definitely come up with a list of cool restaurants which you will never forget for at least a decade.
7. Visit local stores.
Firenze is home of Gucci, Ferragamo and other multinational luxury brands. Of course, there are exciting shopping spots like The Mall, or Prada Space Outlet, just an hour distance from the center of the city. But please, please visit the local stores that have been doing their business for decades, for the locals with the most excellent tastes. You can find handmade perfumes with names after the romantic spots in Firenze, or amazing quality leather products at regionable prices. I literally stayed at this lovely perfume store for an hour(www.marcocciaprofumi.it), chatting with the beautiful signora about how to create my own scent. I bought a navy-grey shoulder bag at Ottino(http://www.ottino.com), which gets so many comments from my savvy friends.
8. Take a walk at night, and fall in love like Dante.
I still can not decide whether Firenze is more beautiful during the day or at night, but you will somehow feel more romantic than ever when you take a walk along the Arno River. Need I say more? You will find your own Dante and Beatrice here.
@onesmile The more you explore, the more you will fall in love with this city. It took me almost 16 hours to get here(airplane, train, taxi, bus.... I hate all transportation.) , but it is soooooooo worthwhile!
You are seriously making me want to get back there so badly!!! When I was there, my meals were planned for me (I was in high school!) and so I didn't get to do any of the wandering you suggest....looks like I really have to go back :)
@jiyounglee76 Woah, you went so far!!!!