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Q: Would you rather have no one and no woes or someone and tough woes?
I'm not sure how people do it anymore. It seems different.
After being cheated on - I am not sure if I want to deal with all the problems that come with relationships and another person's life. It's a sacrifice both ways. I think lots of people of my generation feel the same way. All the people I date or people I see seem to be in "sort of" relationships. They are seeing someone but just in case, they never make it too serious, that way if anything happens we aren't too invested and we don't feel too bad about things ending. But is that really the way we should live things out? I'm scared I'm missing out on a few things but then I'm happy because I'm not stuck in some miserable relationship. There will always be hard times and things you have to overcome but you grow as a person... but they also take their toll on you.
What is your take on relationships in 2015? What experiences have you had that make you feel one way or another?
Love your advice @EddiePozo
Learn to love yourself first, once you can be happy by yourself then consider inviting others into your life. Then from there just do what feels right. There's no real formula except for "better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all." Or rather that's my take.
same . no relationship is going to bring me happiness, I bring myself happiness an relationships seem to take from that. I love myself an that's all I really need. its too much
I totally used to be the same way--kind of holding back and not letting myself really fall, but I found all relationships I got into so unfulfilling because of that. LIke, if I can't just let myself have the chance to fall for them and enjoy it, then why am I bothering?