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I was on ebay looking for some BTS merch and I saw that the bidding price for this VIP+ Ticket is almost at $4,000 o_0 ...... ...... but why?
OMG just for hi-touch?! You're paying $4000 to touch their hands for one second, I can understand paying a lot for it, but $4000 could get you two tickets to Korea hahahahah
Britches be cray..... @StephanieDuong Scalpers I bet....I wish I was sick enough to do that.
bet I get a cheap ticket if they came to miami haha... because no one ever comes to miami. .. :'(
This is crazyyyy. Of course we would all want to go and see BTS but $4000 is a ton of money... And there are 90 bids on it. O.o I'm sorry BTS, I love you guys SO MUCH. But a $4000 is a crazy high amount. D: P.S. And I had NO IDEA that BTS was so popular in the U.S. My sisters and I were really shocked that they sold out SO QUICKLY.
I got tickets for $104 but the concert is in NYC so it might be because of location
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