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According to translations KpopKfans it seems like Kangin (who has a history of anger issues and drunk driving that sent him to jail once) called VIXX's N "fucking trash" on the show they have together called 'Bachelor Party'
The entire crew seems to be pretty close when it comes to being in the public eye, but recently netizens have been picking out details that say otherwise (other than the obvious statements on the TV show)
Personally, I think Cha Hakyeon is an absolute angel and I've never liked Kangin so I am completely biased, but what do you think? Keep in mind - Super Junior was one of the first groups I got into (back in 2007) so I'm not hating on SuJu as a whole!

TV Broadcast:

Question) N says cheesy words to the women. Girl group judges always pick N as #1, don't you think it's cringe-worthy?
Kangin) I want to kill him. I'm thinking of how I should beat him up.
Question) What girl group do you want to see? Hakyeon?
N) I really don't know. I don't really have thoughts on it.
Kangin) Of course, you always spit, "I don't really have thoughts on it." You fucking trash, did your company tell you to say that?
Question) What do you think of N?
Kangin) Well... Loser? Minnow?
N) See this. On the broadcast, women prefer me and Kangin hyung hears about me around him... I see why he's defensive towards me.
Kangin) (laugh) I was joking. I'm honestly happy that N is popular as a romantic guy. With lots of love he's getting from the fans, I want him to leave this show ASAP.
Question) N's self-compliments are extreme
N) I'm being honest. I'm saying the truth. I'm saying I'm good because I'm good.
Kangin) This kid is crazy. I never thought an insane character would appear after me.
N) But I'm really different from the hyungs. When they talk about girls, I talk about travelling.
Kangin) Manager, bring me something to hit him with
N) I'm still young.
Eunhyuk) You're not young


Kangin's Instagram:"Bachelor Party. Dong Yup-nim, Jongmin oppa, trendy Seho hyung, you've all worked hard. Eunhyuk-ah, it feels empty without you"#Eunhyuk anchovy
- He mentioned everyone on the show (even Eunhyuk who wasn't there) except N
I don’t want to spread the fire... but from what I've picked up is that Kangin has a loose tounge. And it's gotten him in trouble before. -.- If he doesn't like N... then I don't like him (Kangin). I'm just like N in someways, I'm a happy little ball of glitter. And just because he doesn't like him, doesn't mean he has to comment and throw shade every FREAKING time. Hold your tounge, would 'ya? I find Sungjae and N very similar... @KellyOConner maybe that's why he picks on him so badly. -----.------ I'm actually glad N handles Kangin's comments with class, and addresses them honestly and calmly. And it's true. Just because you have more years in the industry doesn't mean you have to be an jerk about it. Not even Heechul is like that... and Heechul says whatever comes to his mind ! I would prefer Kangin to come clean and say he either hates or likes Hakyeon. It's better to be clear. Or is he scared he's going to get hate like he has before... ? I would prefer Kangin to act like the man he claims to be. Stop with the shade throwing. *exhale* N is a wonderful person... and he doesn't deserve the BS Kangin gives him. >:1 That's all.
Okay guys, I talked to my Korean friends who actually watch the show regularly and apparently Kangin wasnt kidding around, like the vibe was really bad. My friends said that it made them uncomfortable to watch the other guys have to fake laugh at the comments :/ Maybe Kangin was kidding but it really came across as way over the line :(
Kangin is just jealous that the ladies think N is handsome. Kangin's getting old and Hakyeon is younger, of course he's going to be good with the ladies. Hakyeon is freaking gorgeous so Kangin just needs to stop. It's a little immature of him to act like that. Hakyeon handled it in a mature way.
Hahah! On 'A Song For You' I always asked myself whether Kangin really just disliked N or if N was just too obnoxious and began to get on his K's nerves. Lol Because you see when K is annoyed. But this seeeemssss a bit out there. Did they become really comfortable around each other? I know people who have personalities like this where the closer they get to someone the more aggressive they become but in a loving way where the other person knows not to take seriously because they don't mean it if that makes any sense XD
I've never been a big fan of Kangin and feel like he has a big chip on his shoulder. What he said is most likely not a "joke" those are what he probably truly believes. It's sad that he is showing is distaste so harshly. You can say you don't like someone and get your point across while still being respectful. Or at least decent. Kangin has messed up alot and I feel comes from a rough background. His drinking also got him into alot of trouble. It wasn't until the army that he changed. I'm not very familiar with N but he is still young and maybe his company suggested a few things to say. What company doesn't do that? and Maybe Kangin just feels like he's acting like a puppet? Perhaps that's why. However Kangin still isn't in the right. We also don't see what goes on off camera either. Still I don't think that matters and Kangin is a bit of a butt hole.
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