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It's been quite a long time since I have come across a dining table that was suited in gorgeous linens. Mostly, linens are just thrown on the table in one or two layers and the rest of the tablescape is where the attention to detail goes.
If you look at this table, however, it appears the linens were custom-made for the event. I say that because the sheen of the fabric table cloth gives the impression that it's taffeta. The striped runner appears to be a dupioni or chantung silk. The cuff that hangs over the end is also custom as these items are not made for rental use.
From the angle of the photo, it's hard to distinguish what the smaller plate runners are made of. Gentle folds in the fabric makes me think of silk georgette or chiffon.
Unless your budget is swollen to accommodate tablescapes with custom linens, you'd be best to stick to standard linen rentals. Don't be dismayed, however, because there are a few small companies that specialize in linens. You don't have to settle for poly hotel linens--GROSS!
As I've said on previous cards, your tablescape budget is not to exceed 10%. A table like this would cost you an estimated $900, mostly because of the custom silks used for the linens.
TIP: If you are savvy enough to buy bolts of fabric and sew your own linens, you can save a ton of cash on rentals. Besides getting what you want, you get to keep the linens. Just remember that round tables come in 48, 60, and 72 inches in diameter. Tables stand 30 inches from floor to table top. Therefore, you'd have to add 60 inches to the table diameter to get the correct size of table cloth to use on a round table.
This is really one of my favorites. The stunning fabrics just make this an exquisite dining table. wow
luxury that I'd hate to spend money on for just one night. But it is stunning
Wow. I like this. I'd like to see different colors. But it's pretty