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If you haven't spent any time on the issue of chairs at your wedding reception, then you've missed a teeny-tiny bit of the design process. I don't bring this up to burden you (or your moms, girlfriends and sisters), but you should know that not all chairs are the same. You can read my previous card, "Sitting Pretty," which is about the types of popular chairs that are available for rental in the United States.
I love chiavari chairs just the same as the next person. However, just because it's an elegant chair, doesn't mean it's the best chair for every table, for every event. This outdoor-canopy reception shows farm tables set amongst chiavari. Choosing chairs like these immediately elevates the event to convey 'relaxed sophistication.' Imagine, if you can, what the scene would look like with farm chairs or benches (or a mix of the two).
More farm tables with Deco-era patio chairs, made of iron and wood, gives this outdoor reception an athletic ease. It's chairs like these that were seen and used for leisure at clubs where croquet and lawn bowling were popular.
Mix-matched chairs is exactly that--a combination of different chairs. Eclectic or BoHo Chic style weddings use this hodge-podge style to communicate 'sophisticated rule-breaking.' It's a way to maintain a level of social pomp without such obvious symbols such as homogeny. Breaking up the visuals with conflicting patterns and silhouettes through chairs can tell a far more compelling 'story' than expensive (and pain-staking) elements on the table through the tablescape.
Wedding couples can choose, if they desire, to sit apart from the guests or among the guests with either the same style of chair as everyone else or in unique designs. Changing just the chairs can reduce your budge dramatically because it allows the couple to sit amongst the crowd--foregoing a separate table (and tablescape design) that would otherwise, swell the budget several hundred dollars.
As I mentioned earlier, if you haven't done so, please click here to see my other card that explains the most popular chairs used for weddings and typical rental prices you can expect.
I saw a picture in a magazine that showed stools. short padded stools. it was really interesting
I read your other card about the clear chairs. I like those too.
save that money! The last part about changing chairs and keeping the table with the crowd. Right on. Gonna remember that