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One of my favorite reception concepts is the mix of unconventional materials and venue spaces with traditional or mainstream events.
For instance, here you have an elegant queen's table and padded chairs...on what appears to be pea-pebble rocks under a dramatic arbor of all manner of twisted vines. I can't tell if it's wisteria or not. Someone with a green thumb can educate me on that. (Let me know.) the effortless tablescape looks gorgeous and dreamy under the raw light bulbs and swung white lights.
If you can find a venue with an arbor like this of wisteria, vines or a grapes (or similar), then do what you can to book it! ASAP. Mama Nixon is all about this look, which basically means, you should be all about it too!
I think it's so pretty. I like simplicity! Then the people you love and their smiles (sorry if that is so corny lol) are the decorations :)
Looks a bit naked to me. I'm sure once everyone is sitting and eating and the sun has dipped, it looks amazing
Yeah, it does seem to be missing *something.
Sooo pretty. I bet this looks amazing when the sun goes down