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Infusing your ceremony tablescapes with rustic herbs, vines and greens is a fantastic way to incorporate a look that is organic, rustic, chic, natural, and any other number of adjectives that are what you're going for. Notice all the light colored elements such as the linen, chairs and napkins.
Hanging over the tables is a knotted bundle of eucalyptus and greens. And hanging from the greens are a dazzling array of glass votive hurricane lanterns! Did you notice the lack of fussy design to this look? Less manicured is the way you want to go for a look like this. Over produced and overly designed looks can complicate it and make it look fake. Don't do anything that looks forced or fake. Everyone will be able to see it a mile away.
Sorry @darcysdiary I am really loving this a lot. It's different. It's bold. It's just terrific
Mmmmm...jury is still out on this. I can see what you mean @nixonwoman about it being less manicured. But It looks like it's missing something.
This is so pretty. I like the homemade feel of it.