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S T U N N I N G !
Visual proof that candles and nary a floral in sight can give you the high-impact and glamour you desire for your wedding. But you have to do it in a way that works deliciously with everything else at the table.
I am in love with the white ruched linen that drapes effortlessly on the ground. Sturdy acrylic chiavari are a must for this, which keeps the romantic silhouette in a modern clear way. The ivory unscented candles make for a dramatic and warm tablescape centerpiece! What have I harped on and on about regarding mirrors? Is that a mirror I see on the table? Is that acceptable?
Mirrors never belong on the table for decorative purposes, unless it is a full mirror table top. That is the only exception. Look at all the designer tablescapes out there. You can google a million of them. You will notice that the David Tuteras and the Matthew Davids and the Colin Cowies use mirror-finish vases and similar items. However, they DO NOT throw random mirrors on tables--EVER!
For a design like this, you're looking to pay approximately:
$100 - Chiavari
$30 - Mirror table top
$55 - Candle hurricanes
$30 - Candles
$35 - China
$13 - Linen
$53 - (20% misc.)
Considering, you have 15 tables of 10 people, each table would cost $316, (or $4,740 total). A budget of 5,000 (which is 10% of $50k) means that a design of this nature is well beneath your threshold--totally feasable.
This is awesome. Some people just don't have any money to get married. And without money, it's hard to buy flowers. the candles down the middle of the table is perfect!
I don't think i've seen so many candles on a table. Is it hot? haha But I do love it
The glass balls holding the tea lights is also really pretty.