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Imagine just how tragic it would have been if former Chicago Mayer, Richard M. Daley, allowed a plain flat square mirror to take over The Magnificent Mile--instead of Anish Kampoor's voluptuous, Cloud Gate! Honestly, tragic isn't the word! Neither are a few choice expletives that are always ready to go on standby.
I bring all that up to say, again, that you can achieve staggering beauty and an inspired look by using organic, free-form objects that have a high reflective metal coating. So, while, technically these objects are NOT MIRRORS, (which one should NEVER have on your table, except for this one teeny, tiny rule-breaker), you get all the glamorous effects of a mirror, and more.
Even the silver paillettes on the linen overlay are working to bring in visual texture, light and violet shading. Take a note al.