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Karan Tran is a fabulous floral designer. Love most of her work. And Pam Scott Photography captures the images expertly. But I need to warn brides out there that this concept is only as good as its design (execution).
This tablescape is gorgeous with the exception that the degree of clearance eye sight is very shallow. I can already see the guests shifting and moving in their chairs to get a better glance at the people across the table. That kind of movement is unnecessary and problematic.
I wouldn't change the concept at all. I love the birch branch, seedlings, orchids and mood moss. If the branches were just 6-8 inches higher, this would be sublime! And I'd be fawning all over it.
My advice to you is to make sure that the designer is aware of the sight clearance you need to make your guests feel comfortable. Low centerpieces should be 8-10 inches or lower. High centerpieces should be 20-22 inches or higher.
The design is gorgeous. It's just a minor miss on the execution. But still amazing!
What a beautiful picture. I want to see what the whole wedding looks like
I can't stop looking at the gold speckled votive holders.