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You've just been through a whirlwind of parties, dinners and the wedding. Is there really one more event?! Yes, my dear.
The post nuptial brunch is not as common today as in days gone by. But it hasn't completely vanished from the social landscape. Nowadays, the post nuptial brunch is usually held the day after the wedding and is hosted by the parents of the bride, which means they pay for it as well. It's typically a continental breakfast served buffet style. However, it can be as fancy as a plated and served affair.
Who comes to the post nuptial brunch? Everyone that attended the wedding. The event is a relaxing send-off to friends and family who have traveled afar to be at the wedding. It's a kind gesture to include the officiant and anyone else that may have had an instrumental hand in making the wedding perfect.
TIP: Avoid a lot of drama by keeping the event short and fluid. Many will be eager to travel to the airport and Invitations to this event are not necessary. However, you will want to include it in the itinerary for those traveling. Remember to keep it optional and not a social requirement.
the blue centerpiece looks like something @daniachicago would like. I say that because the color is pretty and close to the Tiffany Blue she mentioned.
Im sure it has @darcysdiary. Seems like a good idea to me
What about a brunch-style wedding? has that been done before?
Thanks! Yeah, I do love that vase. I think having a post nuptial brunch would be ideal if there weren't a lot of people. Seems like an unnecessary expense.