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If I had a megaphone, I'd still scream into the damn thing knowing the echo of my voice would dance across the constellation. LOOK AT THIS TABLESCAPE DARLINGS.
Some of the most inspiring weddings are those where even the guests are encouraged to wear white. Everything is a blanket of blanco. GORGEOUS, isn't the word. Help me find a word to describe what we're all looking at. @marshalledgar uses the word "gagging," which is hysterical. I need to expand my dictum and I need you all to help. The bartender is of no help, though he's good at keeping my Chardonnay chilled and flowing.
The bundle of roses would have to be swapped out for less expensive florals with a few roses thrown in. Orchids are also pricey. The low-level silver vessels with florals would have to also be scaled back. Again, the flowers would have to be adjusted to those that are cheaper. Chairs and china don't really affect the budget too much. Saving fifty cents on cutlery, yet spending $2500 on roses is not the way to go.
Tablescapes are not supposed to exceed 10% of your reception budget. So if you're hovering at the $49-50k mark, be cautious.To all of those brides eager to pull this look off: You'd have to really be thoughtful about the design and be strategic in making this happen for a budget of $5,000.
Remarkable is a good word. :)
If I could afford this, I would so do this! <3