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Does this black and brushed gold cake remind you of anything? Recently I created and posted a card about non-white bridal gowns. You can see the card by clicking here. I wanted to share this stunning cake with you to say that there is nothing wrong with black at a wedding. It's not the doom and gloom color of yesteryear that it used to be.
Context is everything when you are showcasing black for your wedding. The use of peachy gold elements on the cake--positioned in front of a white and gold papered backdrop makes the cake pop without looking spooky.
That middle tier--Gorgeous! I'd actually hate to cut into this stunning design. It's too beautiful to eat! haha What are your thoughts about black cake for your wedding? Also, what about using black as a color choice altogether?
The black fondant looks like and reminds me of rich black duchess satin.
Oh, wow. Yes, this is a cake. elegance
I am in love with this black and gold cake because it doesn't feel dark or overly gold. perfectr