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Okay, so don't freak, but maybe let mom bake the wedding cake...right? Yes? No?
If stress is the reason preventing you from letting mom make and bake the wedding cake, don't succumb! First, the stress of the wedding will always be there. Second, are you not at all smitten with this gorgeous naked cake? That's a soft pink icing, by the way, made with the juice of fresh berries!
This isn't just a pretty cake idea for you to look at. This is a tutorial on how mom can make the day even more special by making and baking this the day before. Even if mom isn't up to the task, perhaps you'd like to try your hand at this. The task of doing this just might alleviate some stress. OH! And you and your man could always try making this as a cute 'together' project.
There are a million cake recipes out there for the naked cake portion. Find one that you like and then bake it. Bring it to room temperature and then chill covered in the fridge overnight.
Since naked cakes are icing-free on the sides, don't be afraid to be extra generous with the layered icing. In fact, you SHOULD go a little nuts and just pile it on.
From Kristin Jackson's blog, Hunted Interior, she shares her Raspberry Vanilla Buttercream recipe:


1 Cup of Butter, softened
3 1/2 Cups of Confectioners Sugar
2 Vanilla Beans, seeds extracted
1 Pint of Raspberries, juiced
Pinch of Salt


Juice berries in a processor and strain seeds and pulp. In a separate bowl, beat the softened butter until smooth, slowly adding sugar. Once sugar and butter are combined, add the seedless raspberry juice. Mix on medium, adding the vanilla and salt until well incorporated.
Heck, I want to make this myself just for the raspberry frosting! haha Looks soo good.
Love this! Really do!